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The technological industry has evolved so much lately that most people rely on various softwares to get in touch with others without spending a fortune. Years ago, you barely had the chance to talk to friends or relatives from other countries due to the high telephone costs. With the popularity of Internet, the instant messengers have become a primary option. Over time, many of these programs have implemented direct chat opportunities, not to mention about the softwares that were specifically designed for this purpose. In conclusion, you no longer have to spend a fortune to talk to your loved ones. Instead, you can use your current Internet connection. Aside from the connection, you need a microphone and a set of speakers or headphones.


TeamSpeak is one of the relatively new programs for voice communication online. Since there are so many similar softwares, you probably ask yourself about the possible reasons to switch. Most of them provide the same experience and have similar features, yet you can barely notice slight distinctions in quality. Making the difference is usually possible when your connection is not too powerful.

First of all, TeamSpeak provides a separate connection between the server software and the users. In other words, the program uses a dedicated server. Most other programs rely on the peer-to-peer technology, which leaves room for a lot of security breaches. Besides, a slow connection will encounter a series of problems with this technology. With a dedicated server, things are different. The program can successfully support hundreds or even thousands of users in the same conference room, which is great for the international corporations or online universities.

Another great aspect to consider is the free license. If you plan to use TeamSpeak to communicate with your friends, school mates or work colleagues, it is free of charge. As long as you do not plan to make a profit with it, no one will interrupt your experience. On the other hand, the commercial entities are supposed to purchase the license, which is very affordable.


TeamSpeak was invented as a response to a direct necessity. Most programs available on the market had their limitations. Some of them were not compatible with other operating systems than Windows, while others were restricted by firewalls or routers. Therefore, the development team thought to come up with a solution and this is how the idea was born.

One year later, the first version showed up and had an impressive success. It was compatible with Linux as well, while the bandwidth used was insignificant. The application was simple and had a user friendly interface. Anyone could use it without any difficulties at all. It took TeamSpeak a few months to become incredibly popular and gain a series of positive reviews. All these positive factors motivated the development team to go further.

Today, after more years of intense work and a few versions on the market, TeamSpeak is a primary option in a multitude of different domains. Whether you think about the online schooling institutions or the online gaming teams and groups, this software is definitely a front runner.