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When reviewing any technical service it is necessary to consider how good it is at present and what improvements are needed to enhance its performance. While doing the review of TeamSpeak features it becomes necessary to go into the efforts that are being made to improve its quality of its service but also any innovations that are being brought out. It is a communication system offering voice transmission through the internet. In the company’s favor it can be stated that as far as developments is concerned it can be stated that it has brought out TeamSpeak 3 which is the latest development for improving the quality of voice and also latency that is transmitted.


When voice transmission is involved over any medium, three different features have to be considered for satisfactory delivery of the voice. The first and foremost is the quality of the voice that is transmitted. It could be someone speaking over the line or music album. Through reproduction of the original voice at the receiving end required a high level of technical competence in the audio and electronic fields. When transmitting to another location whatever is the means it is usual that the transmission is accompanied by external audio disturbances including static? Filtering them out and preventing them reaching the other end is important to the person there has to keep happy.

Apart from external noises quite a lot of background noise also gets transmitted. This is particularly so during conversations, if someone is making a noise at the sending end. A good communications system company will naturally seek to ensure that the quality of the sound or voice at the receiving end remains true like the original and free of any other noise. TeamSpeak though has been endeavoring to ensure ideal transmission through its system. For this purpose the company has used the requisite software and technology.

When the voice is transmitted over long distance, it takes a few seconds to reach the receiving end. This time gap can be noticed because of the time interval between two sentences of the speaker. TeamSpeak 3 has reduced this problem known as latency to a considerable extent. The technological improvement that has been brought in has enabled the users to customize the voice communication needs in the way that is desired by them. The improvements have given a new experience to long term users and new users of the system. It is good to know that the company enjoying a good market does not sit on its laurel but is trying to constantly upgrade its technology and thereby improve its quality of service.

Innovations and extra features

While reviewing the performance of technically oriented service, one of the things that will be considered if the company is bringing in innovations and additional features in its operations. In that respect it has to be admitted that TeamSpeak 3 comes out favorably in the review. One of the new generation offerings has been a flexible cross platform solution. It can use operating systems on Windows, MacOSX and other operating systems in the field. It makes all platforms compatible with each other so that the quality of service remains rich irrespective of the platform used. All new features of TeamSpeak 3 have been made available to all platforms.

Apart from the voice quality, new innovation is the 3D sound effect that gives a live surround impression of hearing the sound as if it is in space and you can hear it all around you and also above and below. It is tremendous innovation but its use cannot be assessed correctly at this stage. It also depends on how it is received by the users. On the face of it the 3 D effect is a great technological development but has nothing to do with sound quality reproduction of voice and sound.

The system offers quite a number of new features like the new system of authentication of users. Eliminating the manual system of registering names and passwords. The new licensing system enables you to track all the licensed servers effectively by the introduction of an encrypted key instead of the old registration method. However, the most useful innovation as far as the user is concerned is the graphical user interface for intuitive navigation.


TeamSpeak 3 has introduced has introduced considerable numbers of innovative features in its operation along with measures to improve the quality in voice transmission. There is no doubt that as far as voice reproduction at the receiving end it has been a tremendous achievement. The high quality thati8s desired is now noticeable to any user of the system. Having achieved that, it is no wonder that Teamspeak has tried to introduce many new features in its operations. Though not directly related to voice transmission, it has introduced innovative methodology and it is useful in the context it is meant for. In fact introduction of new and additional features in its system can be considered as a true effort of TeamSpeak 3 at diversification of its range of systems.


With all the innovations, improvements etc.; users have felt some difficulty in using TeamSpeak 3 or any of its earlier versions. The basic issue is that calling is not possible for users who are not subscribers to the system. It is also not possible to access the mobile phones or any land-line though TeamSpeak.

Another deficiency is a pure audio system without any video component forming part of it. There are others in the field that may become a better alternative for the users.

The most noticeable deficiency is that for a small set of users it is not worth the trouble to go through the process.

Any review of new product or service has its process and cons in an objective manner. There is no room for subjective thinking in the matter.

Many possible users may like to go through several reviews before a purchase, a review is meant to help both the producer and user to arrive at the correct decision. The review helps the producer to improve the defects to attract more customers. In the light of all these, TeamSpeak 3 can be said to be making a real effort to use high technology to improve and add other features to expand its customer base.

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