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Know How to Adjust Your Microphone

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adjust-microphone3214The microphone has added one more star to the history of computers. The microphone is now an essential part of devices like cell phone and laptops/computers. This device converts sound into electric flow of energy with which you communicate and it has made the conversation over computers much easier. To use a microphone in your PC, there are several settings based on your laptop or computer model. You may use a microphone in a laptop as an inbuilt device or may connect headphones to communicate.

General Settings of a Microphone

The settings can be checked or changed from the control panel and taskbar. The control panel has an icon with sound settings. It can also be done from the taskbar by right clicking on the volume control icon. The basic drivers and software comes preinstalled with most laptops for a smooth plug and play experience but sometimes manual settings needs to be changed. With an increase in usage of internet, microphones have become a part of basic necessity for chatting.

When you right click on the audio settings and click on recording devices, a list appears with the microphones connected to the device, which allows you to select the correct one. Next, by clicking on properties and going to level tab, you can adjust the recording levels. To check for more advanced settings, you need to click on the advanced tab and check for further settings of microphone. It can be tested also with the audio test options.

Settings according to Operating Systems

Windows XP has a complete set of different instructions when it comes to setting up a microphone. In this operating system you may access the microphone properties from the speaker icon in the taskbar via the audio mixer. Also, from the advanced settings in microphone, you may access Mic boost.

In windows 7 and Vista the interface is different. This can be done either by right clicking on speaker icon and go to recording devices or by going to control panel > hardware and sound > sound.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Microphones

Firstly the microphone should be plugged in correctly either via the mini port or USB port. The mini port is similar to a headphone jack which gets inserted in the red port of the laptop while the green one is for speakers. To test the microphone, you need to pursue following steps to ensure better functioning:

Click on start > run > type sndvol32.exe and ok > properties > options menu > adjust volume for > recording > and in microphone box select check box.

Check the microphone hardware. If it has issues with the software installed correctly.

Check for the speaker volume if there is a volume issue.

Unable to speak simultaneously – then this can be due to half duplex in audio settings, it needs to be changed to full duplex in sound card.

The microphone can also be checked by start > control panel > trouble-shooter (search) > click troubleshooting under hardware and sound and click troubleshoot audio playback.

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