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ts_sdkTeamSpeak is a quality and scalable application that enables you to communicate with one another across the internet. It is client-server integrated solution that includes a strong, SDK (Software development kit) allowing thousands of users to communicate simultaneously in crystal clear voice. TeamSpeak’s SDK is popular in variety of sectors.

TeamSpeak’s is a built-in solution, which is applied in:

  • Education
  • Online gaming
  • Private social networks
  • Corporate training
  • Military simulators
  • Special interest groups
  • Virtual world

Launching TeamSpeak 3 SDK

TeamSpeak 3 is designed to lead the legacy of the primary TeamSpeak voice system. It is just an expansion of TeamSpeak 2 with an entire re-write from the base in C++. The main purpose of TeamSpeak 3 is to offer highly scalable and diverse cross-platform SDK that fulfils the demand of integrated VoIP solution in the current environment.

Features of TeamSpeak 3

  • Inter-operates very well across platforms running under Windows (32 or 64-Bit), Macintosh (OS with Intel or PPC), Linux (32 or 64-Bit) or all three. Users can communicate always without any concern about their computing platforms.
  • Completely redesigned for 100% amalgamation capabilities with your current products or services.
  • Totally in-built 3D sound support that allows you to modify or record audio streams from multiple directions.
  • Scripting capabilities allows the consumers and developers an endless possibility for customization.
  • Enhanced text chat with capabilities just like today’s appreciated Instant Messenger applications.
  • New PHP based online app allowing multiple servers to be controlled simultaneously.
  • Innovative key binding module with extra support for mouse buttons, joysticks and other hardware.
  • ‘Book Manager’ features facilitating you to store your favourite servers.
  • Fresh GSM and Speex codecs offering the potential to significantly enhance voice quality.
  • Sound packs allow you to create and share their own customized sound within TeamSpeak.
  • Multi-headset support allows users to connect to different servers in chorus.

Uncomplicated and lucrative software

TeamSpeak 3 is comprehensively optimized to manipulate new superior and unmatched codecs in voice quality. You do not have to change codes across any platforms, so you can save money and development time.

Engineers at TeamSpeak have an experience of writing SDK for ten years. They have shaped a flexible and commercial licensing program keeping in mind all kinds of budget ranging from small scale (FPS) to large scale (MMO) and the well-admired play-for-free online games. Thus, now cost is not a hindrance for users to experience quality VoIP communication.

For developers

Cross-platform SDK is the central part of all the TeamSpeak products. TeamSpeak 3 includes ClientLib & ServerLib provided as shared libraries. The C-style programming interface allows developers to directly access the dissimilar and an array of feature-rich core functions of TeamSpeak 3’s, using the simple API calls.

The C-interface pattern can easily be united with complex programming languages. It does not matter what technology your app uses TeamSpeak fits in smoothly.

Bottom line

TeamSpeak technology offers cross-platform support, advanced codec functioning, strong brand recognition and full control over your system’s network. Ultimately, you get a stable voice solution that curtails multiple failure points.

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