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The Advantages of Using VoIP

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advantages-of-voipThe VoIP term stands for voice over internet protocol. It is like talking over phone via internet facility free of cost. This is an advanced technology in the field of communications. VoIP of course, does not boost about the fact that the internet will be used only for voice calling with the full exposure of this, but yes, a considerable chunk will definitely be. In VoIP the IP that is internet protocol plays a major role which supports the network connectivity over a private, LAN or WAN network. To use VoIP there are three different ways:

ATA – This means Analogue Telephone Adapter which allows connecting an average telephone to computer via internet connection. It is like an analogue to digital converter. It is a simple telephone box that can be connected through a cable to a network port and calling can be done.

IP Phones – These are a little advanced than ATA phones which have a different set of network cable going inside the phone. These are known as RJ-45 Ethernet connectors which are directly connected to the routers with preinstalled software and hardware settings.

Wi-Fi Phones – These can be used to make calls from Wi-Fi hotspot.

Computer to Computer – This is the easy way to use VoIP. It is like the famous Skype and Facebook calling feature to communicate people around the world free of cost. You would only require a headphone, laptop and a sound card to get it started. The alternative way to use this facility is to set up softphone software which installs a virtual telephone.

Advantages of Using VoIP:
• The main and fruitful advantage of this service is the fact that a huge chunk of money will be saved.
• Low priced devices which are readily available in the market are required for setting up the calling feature.
• An existing phone connection will also work which saves your expenses on having to get a brand new connection.
• Irrelative distance and cost free calling—whether its 2 miles or 2000 miles; nothing would be charged.
• The VoIP account can be accessed like other internet accounts from anywhere provided the setup is installed.
• It has the facility to call or send a message at the same time.
• It is solely dependable on the internet connection irrelative to the fact if your phone connection works or not.
• No special software is required to either buy the service or use it.
• Existing software can also be used for this service.
• It is a better call manager with its many multiple in built functions.
• This is a better investment for WAN network based companies located in different locations to make free calls.
• The companies can use this incredible facility both internally and externally.
• Like all developing technologies, the VoIP has been developed using better features with much more facilities.
• Skype is one of the best examples that use the VoIP calling.

The advantages of VoIP are actually endless if truth to be told. This fact gets stressed more when you actually use it and get a taste of it yourself.

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